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XC60 Recharge.png

2024 XC60

Reviews and Highlights

" The XC60 pairs an elegant exterior with an upscale interior and a distinctively Scandinavian take on luxury. "


"Boasting a legitimate 35 miles of electric range on a full charge, a respectable EPA-estimated 28 mpg combined in hybrid mode, and a whopping 455 horsepower, this electrified Volvo is an SUV of many talents."

"Volvo’s attractive and refined shape is mirrored in its stylish, welcoming interiors"

"The 2024 Volvo XC60’s classy design, roomy cabin and ample cargo space make it a compelling alternative to typical luxury SUV choices."

"The 2024 Volvo XC60’s gorgeous cabin looks as good today as it did when it debuted for 2018"

"Its handsome exterior and elegant, modern interior belies its no-nonsense approach to safety and performance."

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